Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sketch paintings

Hey guys!

I'm working more in my sketchbook, and am also planning to do more studies too. Once the moleskine project is done, which I'm feeling really confident about, I'll probably start a new book as well as a new daily project.

I'm planning to get at least 1 work done a week which will easily arrive me on target for my shows next year, if it is done over the next four months.

If I could ask one last thing, I'm trying to raise funds to pay the large costs for framing and shipping, so if anybody is thinking of a commission, now is absolutely the best time for it! I haven't sold anything in a few months so it would be amazing to break the draught, and have enough time to get the most out of it.

Today's recommended link is this blog by Artist and Designer John Coulthart

paintings are in oils

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hi Fructose pt 2


Been lucky enough to get featured again on the Hi Fructose blog, continuing the Moleskine journey.
Huge thanks to Ken for the support!

There's some new stuff I did for the post so please check it out! I'll be dabbling in the moleskine daily and soon it shall be complete :)

"A few months back we took a look into an ambitious project by a young emerging artist named Rod Luff. The twenty-three year old artist lives down in Australia and has taken on the daunting task of buckling down and completing a moleskine notebook from cover to cover with sketches, miniature paintings and various studies. The response from our initial article was so overwhelmingly positive that we just had to catch up with Luff and take a look at how his progress has been going."

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Took a couple weeks off, this is the first thing i've done since I returned.

it was great to start with a drawing on white paper- its always a struggle to get it down as every little mistake can't be hidden by fancy colour or texture :)

lotsa fun, didn't want it to end :(pencil with pastel on paper, 14" by 17"/ 35cm by 43 cm

Also some links for you all...All links open in new window.

-Updated my Website

-Put in New Moleskine Section on Website!

-Also check out this great blog by Julie Smits, good info on nutrition, healthy living and more! It's called Feathered Love.

Also I have some works on sale, Detail shots are up there too, so go check em out! 
Phone Booth Gallery did a great job in revamping their website.

Click each image to open in new window.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Millicent Mimicry

One night, my parents' friends remarked on the similarity my bird lady paintings to a popular Australian children's book, Millicent, which was written in 1980 by Jeannie Baker!

Today, I got my hands on a copy of the book and I can't believe the similarities! The images are also located in Hyde Park, Sydney.
 The techniques of the book involve making the textural shapes from materials like plasticine and fabric, and photographing them. There is a definite sense of depth and vivid life to each page. I definitely remember reading and loving this book in primary school now that I've seen it again!

"Those birds understand everything I say to them."

 After seeing her in person I can't deny that she has formed a reality in which the boundaries between her and the birds are dissolved, it's quite beautiful.

Here are some images from the book mixed with paintings and drawings of my own which were mostly finished last year. I hope you enjoy it and don't find this too self indulgent ;)

I wonder how much of our art consists of childhood memories, thoughts and images? I read TONS of books when I was younger, perhaps I'm still running on the imaginative fuel of my inner child :P

Friday, October 01, 2010


well last week was a disaster- had to bin a drawing i worked really hard on, so that sucked.

since sunday though ive managed to work on the following stuff.


dream hug

  just various touch ups on this piece the most obvious being shifted the some temperature shifts in areas but i think it made a difference, though you can tell more in person

its a3 size, though maybe i will transfer this for a large painting.

Please take the time to see the larger version by clicking it (opens a new window)