Monday, March 21, 2011

Lined in Lead

Had a blast last night at the opening night of "Lined in Lead" at Gallery Nucleus. I am definitely going to be going back to have a better look at all the work. If you're in LA, it's up till the 11th of April.

It was a packed out show and it was great fun to meet so many inspiring artists and people, and a big thanks to Ryan Graff for not only organising and curating the show, but for also helping us international artists by taking on the burden of framing the works for us and taking them to the gallery, which definitely makes life easier for us. What a great night!

Here are a couple of pieces from the show that I haven't posted:
Please also see the high res, it's much better quality than the thumbnails. just right click the two below and open in new tab or window.

Here are the other pieces in the show you've seen:

shot of myself with the works to see their size, and also a group shot of the other artists who made it to the show- From left to right- Barron Storrey, Joao Ruas, Myself, Michael Zulli, Shelly Wan, Andrew Hem

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Hey guys, I should mention that we are confident that we'll manage to find another venue for the sketchbook show. None of us could have predicted that the Medicine Agency would go under, and so while unfortunate, it's not the end of the road. Big thanks to Ken Harman for helping me out and for his enthusiasm and energy in bringing this little book to SF. More news when we find a place!

We've got the dynamic duo consisting of Ken's Spoke Art and Garry's Phone Booth Gallery that are bringing the two solo shows- the sketchbook to SF and the show "anima" to Long Beach. 

In the meantime, I'm going to try and post more often to try and stir up some interest for the upcoming shows. For now just got a couple of studies in the book and a little preview of a painting I finished last week. More coming soon though.

I brought my box easel here so I've got a little set up so I can work some more and squeeze in some last minute works!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

gorillas in print

Hey guys!

Heading out to LA tomorrow. Just got some moleskine pages to share.
The sketchbook solo show at medicine agency in SF is cancelled but hopefully we'll find another place to do this, we'll see.

Also, I am proud to announce that the Gorilla Art Fare book is coming out in April. It's a collection of art from people who are far more advanced, intelligent, creative and skilled than I am and I'm proud to have a few things in there.
 I hope that you can grab a copy, it's worth it and at least you should have safely bookmarked in your RSS feeds as a source of great and diverse work. I'm sorry if you've heard this from other blogs or facebook, but if you haven't please do check it out.

The cover below is Illustrated by Clo, Devin Platts & Tom Scholes and designed by Victoria Maderna and Federico Piatti.

"We have the most exciting news today! Gorilla Artfare and CFSL Ink have joined forces to bring you a wonderful collection of artwork: Gorilla Artbook Vol 1!
The book is hardcover, sized 24×28 cm (9.4×11 inches approximately) and it holds 250+ pages of stunning images by more than 70 of our artists. It will be available for preorder on April 7th and released on April 14th!
We will share more info on pricing and where you can buy it real soon! Update: Some more info + a small preview of the interiors here! For now, feast your eyes on these previews of the cover (illustrated by Clo, Devin Platts & Tom Scholes, designed by Victoria Maderna & Federico Piatti):"