Monday, July 12, 2010


These photos are from the Sorolla museum last year when I was in Madrid. I didn't take as many photos as I should have, I was too busy drooling over his colour and energetic painting style.

they are at their full resolution and you can view them all here.

download the whole batch of 15 or so as a zip file (its about 50 megs)

here are a few to preview them.

Loved the Self portrait. So good.

The Main Room of the Studio.

Close up of the face

The Hand knocked my socks off, there is so much movement and life in what is essentially a flat shape

So much vibrance. The diagonal and interesting sailboat shadow and the boat add interest and break the otherwise peaceful repose of the major horizontals. The sand is so amazing when you see it. Genius is in simplification :D

The last painting he worked on. I love seeing artists studios, and its so awesome to check it out in real life. The paintings above contain plenty of outdoor scenes from the beautiful garden outside the house.


From the Prado, kept getting in trouble for trying to take photos, this is the only one that turned out half decent. But damn, it's so well painted. I did a few studies of this one in my sketchbook.