Friday, June 17, 2011

Trippy art

Hey guys,

I'm back home after three months away on my trip, and the plunge to do all these shows and take the time and money to be there seems to have been a success, I sold half the Nucleus pieces, about 3/4 of the Anima pieces, and the Spoke Art show sold out completely!

I'm excited to be making art again and also happy to be here with you guys again in the blogosphere posting art from my trip.

 I also had a lot of fun times in SF and LA, meeting a lot of inspiring artists many of whom I was familiar with, being an old regular at Concept since around 2003.

I stayed in SF for about a month, and stayed in several different places the whole time, and as a result I had a lot of art I needed to send people as gifts! I'm still working my way through it all, but here are some:

Random pages

I also made it up North of SF to do some sketching and Landscape painting with the awesome artist Sergio Lopez!

He made a blog post about it too so go check it out, has some studies of other places we went to and the blog is worth a look regardless.

Top two photos by Sergio

Landscape galactic super action paint fun time!

I had a few troubles....wind being my enemy this day,  all part of the experience!

I also did some sketching at the Safehouse Atelier run by Carl Dobsky, go check them out as they are brilliant, brilliant I say!!!!!

A portrait sketch from one night session:

Here is a painting by Jeremy Mann of my mug, I sat for one of the portrait sessions at the atelier while they played Australian folk music about tying a Kangaroo down and R Kelly, hahaha!

I also did some model drawing in SF in the Spoke Art gallery (previous post). Using the study I made in the life session, I finished a couple more drawings. I might do a few more if I get the time.
Thanks again to Magdaleen Veen for modelling that day.
Click this one for a better, larger version.

As part of the video that Shaun Roberts is making, we went up to Golden Gate Park to get some shots during the late afternoon. He did a fantastic job of capturing the beautiful light that streamed in through the trees. I'm really excited to see how the video of our collaboration comes out, there are other finished ones on his website under 'studio visits'.

Here's the sketch I made:

Sorry to dump so many images on you all!