Monday, April 26, 2010


I've been far too slack in posting here- but will get into the groove from now on.
If I keep up my end of the deal, I would be super eternally grateful if you forwarded and shared each new post with just one person who might like it. It's all I ask! Thankyou!!!

Each image now opens to a new window, so please click any you like.

Also going to add up links to artists/people that inspire me. Please give at least one of these a a shot, I promise you will not be disappointed :)

So works here:

Some sneak peek at this painting, I really need to find a place that does good quality A2 scanning

Just had to give this one more love:

messing around with some different illustration styles:

little more on the moleskines...

Lastly, got a much better scan of this one.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Moleskine journey '10

I am undertaking a mission! To finish one of these nice quality sketchbooks from cover to cover completely. I normally start a new one and rip out a ton of pages in frustration!! I invite you all to join me in spirit, and feel free to start a mission of your own too, haha!
First few pages...the paintings are oil.