Friday, July 16, 2010

Hugh Ramsay Scans

From Wikipedia:

"Hugh Ramsay (25 May 1877 – 5 March 1906), was an Australian artist.

Ramsay was born in Glasgow, Scotland, son of John Ramsay. He moved with his family to Melbourne in 1878. Ramsay went to Europe in September 1900 and was fortunate in finding a kindred spirit, George Washington Lambert, on the same vessel.

He sent five pictures to the 1902 exhibition of La Société Nationale des Beaux Arts and four of these were accepted and hung together. No greater compliment could have been paid to a young student.

Returning to Australia, in spite of failing health, Ramsay succeeded in doing some remarkable work including "The Sisters" now in the Sydney gallery, the "Lady with a Fan" (possibly his most famous painting).He gradually became weaker and died on 5 March 1906 a few weeks before completing his twenty-ninth year."


  I've liberated the book in an online form! It's ridiculously expensive and hard to track down and his work should be shared and seen- so please share it with everyone you know who would like and appreciate his work.

Open the link below in a new window, hosted by mediafire.

 Download the Hi Res Scans (300 dpi, 40 jpgs, about 150 mb)

 Some paintings done at the age of 20 or so.

 his famous "lady in blue"

the last one is a self portrait unfinished shortly before his death