Friday, January 22, 2010

Another day

here's the finished version, all scanned in. It's 60cm by 30 cm.

Hope you like it-although I notice a few things that will probably end up being changed it is by and large finished. Learnt a lot about the media with this one- the paper is cotton and the coloured pencil blends together well with the oil pastel. Actually had a lot of fun, normally its a struggle and although this was quite difficult, I still enjoyed the process more than usual.


it has been a very productive and focused week.

finished a new one, well almost, but I think I want to leave this slightly unfinished. I am quite happy, as I managed to get an idea that has been floating around in my head, or more of how I wanted it to feel.

This is only half of it, there is a bottom half- I will wait till I can get a photo of the whole as it is too large to scan in its entirety.

Head after a few hours- just mainly focusing on placing tonal shapes in the right spot- the shape and general edge will give the likeness. Trying hard to get it to look structured. This was a real challenge. Keeping hair and light area as the paper tone. using straight lines mostly.

Then finished version- tried to fix any drawing errors, modelled a few more planes, tried to soften areas on cheek and chin, to get more variety in edges.
I learnt from sargent and my teachers to unify the lights in one consistent tone- so I used a white pastel and connected it from the nose up to the hair on top, focusing on its distinct shape and character.
One thing I am struggling with but enjoying trying to introduce is this sort of simplifying, which is so hard to get right!! but if you can it gives the drawing a much fresher look.

Finished the previous one, only took a couple of days more to finish it. Learnt a LOT in terms of how the pastel and pencil interacts together, and learnt a lot of "do nots" in general. It was really just one big experiment for me, and I'm glad I did it. It's about 45 by 60 cm.