Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Picks of the Harvest Prelims

Hey all!

I'm exhibiting with Thinkspace Gallery this weekend, and up until the show I'll be posting previews and prelims of my work to promote the show.

I'd also like to announce I just sent my work in for the next Safehouse Group show, which will be opening March the 23rd in San Francisco. Really excited to be a part of their shows again.

Here's the first full prelim sketch, just trying to draw in a rhythmic lively way and work out the flow of the piece, it's 19" by 18" pencil, coloured pencil and pastel.

Please note all works are available framed through Thinkspace! Please contact this email if you are interested in buying any :)

In the prelim below,  I kept the pose the same but I'm trying to define the owl creature and it's rotating owl heads, gathered some more reference, I decided to keep the same pose but change the composition. It's 16" by 18"pencil, coloured pencil and pastel.

I wasn't really happy with the way it was heading so I reconstructed the composition, moved parts around etc till it felt much closer to what I wanted. Had to remove the creature and replaced it with flying owls.

More coming soon!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Almost Blue

Hey guys,

The Almost Blue show at Phone Booth Gallery is only a week away, here's my progress on the piece and the final image.

Blue is an interesting colour, often associated with the sea or the emotions of the psyche. Particularly of interest were the deeper blues, the lower layers of the mind, where boundaries between the real and the imagined blend. It's also fascinating to note the Blue colour receptors in the eye are situated outside main focal area on the retina and there aren't as many as the Red or Green- they only constitute 2% of the total!

I started out with pencil, once I worked out the linear aspects I started blocking in the background.

But then I started experimenting some cobalt blue pastel mixed with iridescent medium and coloured pencils to find the background, which threw the piece out of balance. 

Had to use a lot of different media in the end to finish it, I ended up using iridescent white mixed with blue pastel to get the glow effects.
 The focus was to create an abstract pattern with the lights/textures over the whole, I'm unfamiliar with the media so it was mostly guesswork though! 

I hope some of you get the chance to see it in person, as the iridescent effects are more visible in person.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Upcoming shows

Hey guys,

I'll be posting more art in the upcoming week or so but until then I wanted to share some info about the next exhibitions I have coming up soon.

I'll also be releasing some prints with Spoke art and Phone Booth Gallery, will post about them soon.

"Almost Blue"
Phone Booth Gallery
2533 East Broadway, Long Beach CA
Opens Feb 25th, with a reception from 7-10 pm

Here's a preview of the piece I'll have in the show, which we sold last week! It's a big mix of mostly lead pencil and coloured pencils, with added pastel/oils/iridescent mediums.

Picks of the Harvest 2012’

Exhibit on view March 3rd, 2012 through March 24th, 2012
Thinkspace Gallery
Los Angeles CA

Here's a small preview of the piece I sent:

Finally, this is a study I did recently from a vintage gypsy photo, was drawing it up as a tone study but also experimenting with mixing oils, pastel, iridescent paint and pencils. It has a lot more texture in life but unfortunately it gets flattened a lot by the scan, as the lights are iridescent and a little reflective.