Sunday, October 17, 2010


Took a couple weeks off, this is the first thing i've done since I returned.

it was great to start with a drawing on white paper- its always a struggle to get it down as every little mistake can't be hidden by fancy colour or texture :)

lotsa fun, didn't want it to end :(pencil with pastel on paper, 14" by 17"/ 35cm by 43 cm

Also some links for you all...All links open in new window.

-Updated my Website

-Put in New Moleskine Section on Website!

-Also check out this great blog by Julie Smits, good info on nutrition, healthy living and more! It's called Feathered Love.

Also I have some works on sale, Detail shots are up there too, so go check em out! 
Phone Booth Gallery did a great job in revamping their website.

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