Sunday, October 17, 2010


Took a couple weeks off, this is the first thing i've done since I returned.

it was great to start with a drawing on white paper- its always a struggle to get it down as every little mistake can't be hidden by fancy colour or texture :)

lotsa fun, didn't want it to end :(pencil with pastel on paper, 14" by 17"/ 35cm by 43 cm

Also some links for you all...All links open in new window.

-Updated my Website

-Put in New Moleskine Section on Website!

-Also check out this great blog by Julie Smits, good info on nutrition, healthy living and more! It's called Feathered Love.

Also I have some works on sale, Detail shots are up there too, so go check em out! 
Phone Booth Gallery did a great job in revamping their website.

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  1. oooh this one is so awesome!!

  2. As fabulous as ever Mr Rodrigo!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am really enjoying the portraits and I am learning plenty as I go. I figured since I am not going to get access to a painting master to train me that i better just get busy painting and using what information i can grab from the internetz and good old books!
    The bottom drawing of the ones for sale is loverly. I think anyone buying your work now will end up with a wonderful investment when you are a superstar later on!

  3. Ah man one of these days....

  4. Anonymous5:58 AM

    Awesome drawing, really loving the detail in the flowers, especially the top ones, the kind of fade out, love that little extra. You do have to tell me what the concept behind girls springing from the earth and earth emerging from them is, really curious. thanks for mentioning both my blogs, super sweet of you...Love, Jules

  5. christof g- thanks as always buddy!

    jake: Sounds good man, yeah actually loomis has some amazing info that has taught me just as much as any teacher.

    Serg- haha thanks i guess!

    Julie- No worries, happy to do what i can to promote the new blog. I'm goin to try and share a few interesting links each post.

  6. Haha, what, I want one!

  7. oh poo, let's do a trade man!!! sketch trade!!

  8. Ohh my goood!
    I love all of them!

  9. Really?? Ah hell yea! Whatever you want man, let's do it!

  10. hey man, i just gotta say that i absolutely love your work and the ideas around them. Thanks for the constant inspiration bro!

  11. Beautiful, beautiful work Mr Luff!

    Good to see you've pulled out the pencil and pastels again after your break :)

  12. thanks a lot guys much much appreciated