Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Australian artists part 1: Sam Wade

Hey all,

If you don't live in Sydney, you might not get to see the art of Sam Wade, a teacher of mine at the Julian Ashton Art School, who is currently painting and exhibiting regularly at Eva Breuer Galleries here in Sydney. He also studied at Julian Ashton and started a blog in 2009 for his drawings and studies, many of which were drawn at the school, as well as when travelling around Europe, Australia and other places.

The process and studies of paintings are always of great insight and interest, which is why I'll be featuring that blog today, but be sure to check out his beautiful paintings here. His paintings are generally figurative and capture moments and scenes in Sydney, Tasmania, Paris and more. Unfortunately the photos do them no justice, but you will get an idea of what they are like at least.

Check out his blog here

Highly recommended is his Europe sketchbook, featuring the instantly recognisable Amsterdam, Vienna and more.

Next are some recent life drawings

It's also great to see some student work, which is very rare these days, you only ever see artist's posting up their latest and greatest. These were done when he was around 18 or 19? Sorry if I got the age wrong.