Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bird Lady

The main reason I started this was to improve and build upon it further. I feel like an idea which feels good to share with other people is always worth pursuing. In this case it was the significance of the symbiotic relationship between the lady (who appears to be homeless) and the birds. I tried to put in little subliminal details to suggest that, like the trees + verticals above forming cathedral churchy shapes, and triangular shapes, having the colour scheme the same as you'd find on a pigeon, and more things like that. I learnt a lot of things like the importance of ideas, purpose and intent driving content, and only using enough detail to get the message across, stuff i always struggle with, it was hard to limit the amount of detail on the pigeons to just the basic shapes and colours. The final painting took about 2-3 days

Here's also an interview I did for a website called My Modern Met. Big thanks to Alice for taking the time to do this.

 gestural sketch, the pencil dark/light thumbnail, and the same one coloured and altered in photoshop.

 resultant colour study:

  alternate study with a different colour scheme

Back to the other scheme and messing around more with the colours

This is the initial drawing, I used pencil and just wanted to think about placement, design and composition.


Final Layer Wet