Monday, August 23, 2010

plug it!

hello hello!

Some of my online art friends have been posting some kickass inspiration blogs which are updated daily and are a feast of glorious eye candy, sleazerotica, painterly delights and jaw droppingly curvaceous line pushing!

Some of these may not be safe for work due to nudity/whatever, so be careful but enjoy the thrill if you are at a risk of being caught ;)

**Ville Ericsson's Dirty Turps**

**Clo's Empty Pool**

Here are a few more that I enjoy:

**Illuminate the world**

**Skinny Love**

**Decapitate animals (no animals were decapitated in the making of this blog)**

**amusing blog of carniverous plants!!**

Thanks to Rafa Sarmento for tipping me off to this AMAZING artist  **Giacomo Favretto (1849-1887)**

Also Connor Dejong sent me a link to a whole bunch of michelangelo art he uploaded, so go download those photos here

If you know of any more, please share them in the comments section,

Phew, after all that you can't help but go and create! Inspiration is a cup never filled!

Soooo anyway, heres a drawing i worked on sat/sun. didnt get as much done as i wanted but oh well! Definitely enjoying it though, can't wait to give it more lovin'