Friday, October 01, 2010


well last week was a disaster- had to bin a drawing i worked really hard on, so that sucked.

since sunday though ive managed to work on the following stuff.


dream hug

  just various touch ups on this piece the most obvious being shifted the some temperature shifts in areas but i think it made a difference, though you can tell more in person

its a3 size, though maybe i will transfer this for a large painting.

Please take the time to see the larger version by clicking it (opens a new window)


  1. man, "dreamhug" is just beautiful!!

  2. LOVING the hug, man.

  3. sign me up for "the hug" as well : )
    they are all kickass though :)

  4. Dude that last one is incredible! I can already see it as a giant painting... Something that resembles an Odd Nerdrum. Can't wait to see what else you do with it!

  5. Beautiful work man, truly. The tone and atmosphere in your paintings are quite unique.

  6. ahhhhhhhhhrhhghtrghhhhhhhhhh

    i really need to find the time for personal stuff, this really eats me up when isee your stuff!

    too good!

  7. Ryan wd12:45 PM

    Dream hug= brilliant!

  8. thanks a lot everyone for so many kind words, i really appreciate it a lot!!!

  9. I love the Hug. The girl's expression is so realistic, really clinging onto her dream without care. Awesome stuff, if I may ask, where did you study Illustration in Australia? I've been looking for a school for Illustration and I can't find any :(

  10. you can do illustration at the course "visual communication" but it's more to do with design, don't expect any drawing lessons.
    if you want to learn the figure in oils or drawing, look up the Julian Ashton Art school.