Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sketch paintings

Hey guys!

I'm working more in my sketchbook, and am also planning to do more studies too. Once the moleskine project is done, which I'm feeling really confident about, I'll probably start a new book as well as a new daily project.

I'm planning to get at least 1 work done a week which will easily arrive me on target for my shows next year, if it is done over the next four months.

If I could ask one last thing, I'm trying to raise funds to pay the large costs for framing and shipping, so if anybody is thinking of a commission, now is absolutely the best time for it! I haven't sold anything in a few months so it would be amazing to break the draught, and have enough time to get the most out of it.

Today's recommended link is this blog by Artist and Designer John Coulthart

paintings are in oils


  1. wow these are great rod!I love how you are always's something I feel is real important for growth as an artist. Commissions eh? Maybe you could post some info at the top of your blog on your rates and what you do? I don't know- just an idea, but I bet if people knew you did that regularly you'd be busy in no time!

  2. fuck, this is incredible. the first one is so subtle yet powerful. great job, Rod.

  3. Your work is really such an inspiration. Thanks so much for posting and please keep it coming.


  4. Geez ! Just badass ! :)

  5. Thanks Scott, it is crucial aspect to help with stagnation! Thanks for your help man, I owe you one sir

    THanks Kan I really appreciate it.

    Thanks Wren very happy to inspire!

  6. Your art is all go inspiring. It's all a little intimidating, but not enough to entirely discourage. I was wondering what you're doing in order to prep for painting on moleskines with oils, considering they take a while to dry, is there any sort of techniques you're using to speed up the process and still keep the quality, or some sort of preparation before painting?

  7. hi there, thanks mate! dont be intimidated by me, there are other much more worthy people of that!
    I use GAC 100 3 coats to prep the page. I use liquin detail if I want it to dry real fast or glazes, but prefer to use as little medium as possible.