Thursday, November 11, 2010

Prints For Sale + Oils painting

I've teamed up with the Drawing Book to sell prints! They're really nice A1 high quality Giclee limited to 15.

I need to sort out the ridiculously expensive framing and shipping for some exhibitions overseas next year. Any little bit helps, and I'm offering these prints as a way to help me get there.

I'm also available for Commissions, so please email me if you're interested!

Just Click the image Below for whichever print you're interested in. You can also see zoom shots on that website!

This drawing actually comes printed at it's full size, not cropped as in the webshot

Ok Great now I can share some art!

This is a little oils study I did for another painting i want to start soon, its a bit smaller than A4.


  1. Hey man, how did you hook up that deal with Drawing Book? I'm looking to get prints made of the Painted Roses series, and the guys at Inprnt haven't gotten back to me...

  2. I like your job, GREAT !

  3. Anonymous2:52 AM

    Out of curiosity I have a question for you. For the study, which is a beautiful painting in itself, do you plan on doing this larger, or with more detail, etc.? What will make the final different that you know of at this time? Also I am curious of the brands of oil paints you use, as well as brands of brushes you usually use, and maybe types (what material or shape of brush)

  4. Anonymous3:26 AM

    Have you seen "The White Girl" by Whistler? That last painting reminded me of it.