Thursday, May 19, 2011

Moleskine Project and Life Drawing

Hey guys,

After ripping out the pages, sending them across the other side of the planet, having a gallery drop out and being forced to lease a new space, the Moleskine Project show finally hit San Francisco on May 5th thanks to the new Spoke Art Gallery at 816 Sutter Street.

It was a great night and only four works are remaining, so we've nearly sold out the show with a week left to go. We'll be exhibiting at Art Pad in San Francisco over this coming weekend, if you are free please stop by the Spoke Art room!

Below is a video tour of the show and some photos from the opening

Video and Photo courtesy of Josh from the great art blog Creep Machine. He was also kind enough to review the show, thanks Josh!

I made an installation in the two front windows of hanging pages.

Photos below courtesy of Shaun Roberts

Today we had a model life drawing session in the Spoke Art Gallery with Magdaleen Veen who brought a great costume to wear and made it to the session despite having her car towed. Go hire her!
Thanks to Shaun Roberts once more for documenting the session for a future short video which will focus on my art and creative process.


  1. Nearly sold out! Congrats, man! :D Are you still coming back to Sydney? :P

  2. Nice Rod congrats . Thanks for the vid too

  3. it was a stellar show man!

  4. re video: want! homeboooiiiiiiii

  5. Anonymous12:54 AM

    very cool!!

  6. Thankyou so much everyone, I truly appreciate it.

    We have 2 works left from that show now :-p only a week left!