Friday, April 29, 2011

Moleskine Project Exhibition

Hey guys,

So what started last year as a pet side project to improve my sketchbook studies has now found itself into a gallery space as a full solo exhibition in San Francisco! It will be the inaugural exhibition for Spoke Art in the new gallery space too.

The opening night is May 5th, 6-10 pm.
 It's located on 816 Sutter Street, near corner is Jones Street. It's nicely located right near Union Square, close to a block of Academy of Arts it's Cinco de Mayo!

The gallery space itself is new and gorgeous- nice high ceilings, generous floor size with great windows at the front entrance.

Big thanks to Ken Harman for finding such a great place to start a new chapter for Spoke art and my career too, he is also responsible for choosing and organising the beautiful frames you see below.
It was a difficult journey to be here- I had to slug through two solo shows, a group show and other things, and Ken had to deal with a gallery that went bankrupt, find a new place and sort out the frames and promotion.

I hope you can turn up to the show if you're in SF, I'd be happy to meet you all.

Framed Pieces



  1. Looks amazing Rod - so glad you prevailed through all the madness to get this show up. People's minds will explode when they see this onslaught of awesome RodArt !

  2. daaaamn this is cooooooooooool! I really wish I could go see the show!

    good luck man!!

  3. Seriously, man: I wish I could be in SF right now !
    It looks amazing so far, it's going to be a great show, for sure !
    Bonne chance, mon ami !

  4. beautiful work Rodrigo!! love the art!

  5. Just wanted to drop in and say I love your work, your hand studies are breathtaking. I will definately be following your work!

    Dave G.

  6. Wow! You're such a brilliant artist, Rod, and these are so much more than just sketchbook studies. I wish you best of luck for your show!

  7. homigad! I want your talent... O.O
    lovelovelove your style!!!

  8. OMG Rod, looks amazing! If I were out there, would be very happy to see it up close. -I fell behind to view this post...beautiful moleskine as always.
    Congrats Rod

  9. I haven't been around this blog for awhile, shame on me! Amazing work as usual. !