Sunday, May 09, 2010

Picture Kitchen

Hey guys, our group show entitled "Picture Kitchen" will be starting on the night of Wednesday 9th June 2010, and will run until the 23rd of June at the Tap gallery in Darlinghurst, Sydney. I will put up more details about the show via facebook events, etc in case anyone would like to attend!

A couple of experiments, not really sure what the hell I am doing, sort of trapped in the vortex between fine art and illustration, not really good enough for either, so hopefully I will break out soon enough.

Also updating website with better scans of all my recent work.


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Cosmic Guitar

Third Eye


  1. You are incredibly inspiring for me, and with my little eyes and brain, I don't see what you are not good enough for illustration :)

  2. Awesooooome Rod! So trippy! :]

  3. Do both fine art and illustration , George Lambert did both and so could you :)