Thursday, May 06, 2010

Odds and ends

Hey all,

Busy working on stuff for the exhibition in Sydney coming up in June.

Click thumbnails to view large and open new window.

Here are a few small things to keep the blog going before I update with more finished stuff.

Sketch idea for work:

**** WARNING Hot cougar Alert!! Shiny Botox forehead may cause swelling of the pants!****NSFW!!****

SNEAK PEEEEK of some new crap:

GOt a good scan of some old crap:


  1. wha, it is beautiful!

  2. love what you've been dishing out lately. I can spot your work a mile away now. Inspiring stuff my friend.

  3. Wow, love everything you've got going on, your moleskins must be treasure troves. And you have a mighty command of oils, inspiring!

  4. ooou lovely

    when and where is your exhibition in June? i'm coming down for the queens birthday weekend

  5. Capn, thankyou very much!

    Scott: Thanks man, means a lot coming from a talented artist such as yourself!

    Thanks a lot andy- to be honest oils are still frustratingly difficult for me to control, and i really need to work on that more this year. Cheerrs

    Razdog! Exhibition is June 9 night.