Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sonic Bloom

I was recently commissioned to draw Ala Paredes, the model in several of my works, in a fashion similar to the Nocturne piece. 

 Even though it was familiar territory, the work challenged me right up to the final brush stroke. I continued experimenting with iridescent mixed media throughout. There's a lot of texture that's lost in the scan, so I included some detail shots to make up for it.

It took much longer than I expected, as a result not only did I learn a great deal but the final image is a total surprise compared to what I had in mind when I started!

Thanks for coming back to the blog and have a great day!


Final size: 28 x 45 cm (11" x 17 3/4")

The thumbnails


Here's the prelim (for sale if anyone's interested!)

I transferred the prelim to the final white paper and begin to work out the tonal scheme.

Testing out some basic colours, filling in the background and doing the tedious, horrible work of the owl patterns.

Worked on much of the piece in Brisbane

Adding more base colours, building the foundation.
 There were still a lot of issues here that I hadn't attended to, as the process usually involves working with an ugly mess and continually trying to bring it all up together.


  1. So gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the process pics.

  2. Wish I could see this one in person. The face came out perfectly!

  3. beautiful beautiful job Rodzo- I'm with Sergeeee-oh .....the face is really stellar