Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nest and Upcoming shows

Hey all,

Since I joined in 2003, my eyes were opened to some talented artists that will make your eyes bleed in envy, but at the same time inspire you to do better. The same artists and more formed the powerful Safehouse Atelier which is already having some amazing shows and a great collective pool of artists are exhibiting together in one night, and it's bound to be an incredible show.

 The Third show entitled "The Humble Show" is a silent auction, one night only, Sunday November 20th at 7pm, bidding ends at 10pm. Seeing their work really made me work harder, and it still does. This is the nature of humility, first you need to be stripped away of your ego, and then you need to figure out how to rebuild. These themes were the subject of the nest drawing, which I really enjoyed working on. 
 I met and stayed with some of the artists earlier this year, they are all great people and I know it's bound to be a fun night if you can make it down in person, but otherwise the works are going to be posted online here.

I'll be exhibiting works from Anima with Phone Booth Gallery at the Art Du Vin wine bar for the group Show "Clap Hands", so if you are a fan of wine or art, or both then you should definitely head down.
 I've attached the flyer below for details, drawn by the great, talented Ryan Milner! It should be a fun night, there should be plenty of great art!

It's pencil and pastel, 14" by 17" And we may be doing a print run, to help me figure out the demand, let me know if you'd be interested.

Click the image to open the larger res in a new window...


  1. Wonderful works inside this post!

  2. I'm absolutely in love with the first piece.. The softness works wonders in it.. I'm amazed at the grace your sketches hold. It's wonderful..
    If you ever have free time, perhaps you could check out my own blog? I'm also an artist, but have a lot of room to improve.. I'd adore tips and critiques and such. I mean, I'm only 17, I have plenty of time to get better. (: You can find me at .

  3. What an incredible piece. I was just recently at Workshop SF put together by Massive Black and their friends and with me was Johnny from Gorillaartfare! We went to the opening night of Show Three at the Safehouse, it was a really fun time. I have to say your piece was my favorite one in there and just mesmerizing to behold in person.

  4. man you're havin pieces in exhibitions all over the place!
    super cool stuff!

    I really love how you combine mediums to create such interesting effects!