Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nest drawing and tattoo in progress

Hey guys

Here's a piece I'm currently working on. I had initially mentally planned for a dark background but I may go with a light one with pastel touches behind the objects

I'm also really excited to share some progress shots of a tattoo that combines a couple if my artworks into one image on a sleeve. 

The artist is an ex Ashtons student, Mark Powell, looks like he's done a great job so far and I am really looking forward to seeing the final work.

These are only iphone shots, but we'll have better pics soon.


Here are the originals in case you haven't seen them.


  1. That nest drawing is fast becoming one of my favorites. Awesome work, Rod!

  2. whooaaaa thats crazy! That's gotta feel pretty awesome that someone would want a tattoo of your drawing on them...

  3. Fantastic process of your first image, thanks for sharing! And congrats for someone wanting to permanently display your artwork on his arm for the rest of his life!

  4. Leo Nguyen3:22 PM

    rodd! the nest drawing is incredible!
    It's a print i would have in my house

  5. Sweet work, as always dude. I look forward to seeing it in person!