Saturday, August 13, 2011


these are just some sketch studies in pencil/pastel to work things out. I still need to do separate studies to work out the composition, colour and tone.

Thanks to everyone who has subscribed to the blog, if I reach 500 I may do a little sketch giveaway to celebrate.

 more updates coming in the next few days


  1. I love the deep contrast on your sketches. I was wondering about the pastel oil mixes you do. At first I couldn't figure out how oil would work with regular pastels but then I read that you use oil pastels. However you seem to get a really smooth look that I normally only get from soft pastels. What type do you use? Or is that smoothness all in the technique? ;)

  2. Thanks! In regards to the question...I dunno, I usually use either shminke or rembrandt, and you can use a brush or your hands to spread out the pastel or you can leave it sitting on the paper I guess...but it's best to experiment and not get locked down to anything too specific.

  3. Beautiful, you're very skilled with the human form.