Monday, August 01, 2011

A taste of things to come

Hey guys, 

I'll have three works available at the new Spoke Art group show "A taste of things to come" in San Francisco, CA. The show opens Thursday the 4th of August from 6- 10 pm and runs through until the 25th. The only images here that aren't in the show are the hand studies.

I hope if you are in town and are free that you go, because the other artists are really awesome, so you are bound to be inspired!

There should be more coming this week, and I'll post the full size images once the show opens.
To see the larger image, just right click and open in new window.



  1. Amazing hands mate, are they in an a5 moleskin ?!

  2. Killer hand studies... They are oils? They seem very translucent, it would lead me to believe they may be acrylics.

  3. Thanks man!
    These look great as per! (hands are crazy good) Whens the london show? :p

  4. My god those hands are amazing.

  5. rockin stuff man - you'll kill at the gallery I'm sure

  6. Thanks so much everyone, i appreciate it

    Jake- they are in an A5 double page, its 8 x 10 inches total, each page is like 5 x 8.

    Sergio- thanks man, it's oils yeah.

    Jon-haha i'll get there one day!

  7. Amazing as always buddy! :)
    Cheers and congrats!