Saturday, April 09, 2011

anima sneak peek 2

Set up a little studio in my Uncle's backyard here in LA so I can squeeze in some more art for the shows.
Will post the Schmid lecture notes tomorrow or Sunday.

This is the current piece I'm working on, about 2 days work so far. I think I'll need one more day to finish it. It's pencil, 14" by 17". Might add dashes of pastel after. Sorry for the bad photos, the second one was taken as it was getting dark so it's not very clear.
It's cropped in a bit too, there's more space around it.

And a close up of another piece that's being framed, the detail show is a little bigger than the actual size.

The original is 12" by 19"

and lastly, a shot of my super cool backyard studio :)


  1. coming together nicely sir- quite sweet batch of work you got here. Can't wait to see them all when you are done.
    (oh tell your uncle I said hello)

  2. Good stuff buddy, really impressed by where you re taking your craft. Good luck for the show. ( Im so jealous you got to meet Shelly Wan )

  3. I can't wait to see all the pieces. I JUST CAN'T.

    Say hi to your uncle for me too, man! (you know man, YOU know the truth)

  4. You are killing it mate! That last face is wonderful.

  5. That detail shot is gorgeous! Very Gibson-esque... can't wait to see these in person soon... Hehe the backyard studio is cool too

  6. Amazing post!! And congrats for Anima!(again)That girl is beautiful..and i'm seeing "nemos" there!haha