Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Continuing with the themes of introspection and imagination, I feel that the ocean is a great metaphor for the mind. Trying to hold onto one thought for a long period of time is nearly impossible for me, and its amazing how they ebb and flow like the rhythm of the ocean. Some thoughts are a rip tide that pull you away from familiar shores and some are dead flat.

 There is the idea that our minds go much deeper than we can consciously explore into a dark, uncharted abyss, or even further down into the trenches. Now I'm no psychologist or anything, but these were the thoughts that were swimming around in my fleshy brain case as I drew this picture in my uncle's super awesome backyard studio.

One of the exciting hilights was turning around mid session only to discover a gigantic swarm of bees 7 foot high, a big buzzing cloud that made me jump out of my chair. I moved the table to the other side of the yard and faced the bees so that I could keep an eye on them in case they decided to go all jihad on me.

Sorry that the scan is so over exposed- all the subtle light greys were washed out with white- I took it to Kinko's since I have no scanner here.

Anemone is 14 by 17 inches, made with pastel and pencil.

Progress shot on the easel:

The finished scan (detail)


  1. Hey man, I'm really looking forward to see this Drawing completely. It is gorgeous! Cheers

  2. If I was confronted by a 7 foot high swarm of bees, I wouldn't have just moved to the other side of the garden. I'd have run inside and armed myself to the teeth with cans of Raid. Anyway, brilliant work on this piece. The rendering looks great to me, despite the scan quality. And that hand is amazing!

  3. Anonymous11:06 PM


    Just really lovely.

    Your observations on the mind are actually dead on.
    We must talk someday my friend.