Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Upcoming Shows

Thought I'd just do a blog post with some preview images for the shows I'm involved with.
It's been a really, really busy month since I last updated.
 Finished/ touched up more pieces for the Nucleus show, a few pieces for my solo, around 10 new sketchbook pages, a t-shirt design and my first book cover job (in oils). Very excited and honoured to be exhibiting with some truly amazing artists who have been a huge inspirational force in my development. 



March 19, 2011 - April 11, 2011
Mar 19, 7:00PM - 10:00PM

"Too often graphite is reserved for process work or composition studies, but the medium possesses every facet necessary to fully realize an inspiring finished work of art.  Its simplicity is sublime and its versatility exciting.

We have invited some true talents of the medium to contribute finished work promising to captivate."

Exhibiting Artists Include:

Wesley Burt
Alexandre Day
Andrew Hem
David Jien
Rodrigo Luff
Joao Ruas
Barron Storey
Rob Sato
Shelly Wan
Allen Williams
Michael Zulli

Detail below (original 35 by 55 cm)

Original size (26 by 34 cm)

Detail below (original size 42 by 70 cm)


Opening Night: April 16 2010

“Anima” is a series of works from Australian artist Rod Luff that collects together a variety of drawings and paintings inspired by the harmonious relationships between people, nature and their imagination. Artist in Attendance.

Oils (original size 60 by 40cm)


April 30 2010

Collection of Selected Artwork from my sketchbook.

And here's the book cover I did, Oils (with small digital touch ups). It was for a lovecraftian themed horror novel set in the 1950's. Despite the workload I just couldn't say no to painting a Hastur possessed blues guitarist channelling filthy black insanity!


  1. incredible as always!
    congrats for exhibitions rodrigo. :D

  2. killer update and congrats on all the new developments ! Love that things are happening for you :)

  3. Damn Rod, you are crazy! Awesome stuff man, really fantastic. The sketchbook works are really incredible, great feeling and subjects in them! Wish I was on the West Coast just to see this stuff in person.

    By the way, funny thing, Andrew Bonneau is studying in the core program with me at GCA now, we got to talking about Julian Ashton's and I mentioned how much I love your work... the art world is so damn small. He says hi!

    Keep kicking ass dude, all the best.

  4. Deivison: Thanks buddy!

    Scotto: THanks champ you know I always appreciate your support!

    Connor! Thanks man! I thought you'd be sick of my shit after hanging around so many kick ass artists at GCA. You're doing really well man, can't wait to see what you do in the future!
    Say Hi to Andrew for me, haha! Tell him ashtons is going as strong as ever although it's got rid of the freeloaders like me, probably why i havent been there in a couple years. haha! :P

  5. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY finally a new post by you, was looking forward to it

  6. I do hope your shows are a success!
    your work just has to be seen by everyone!
    I just looove that second graphite piece!

  7. Looks like there is one near me. Can't wait!

  8. sergio man! Had no idea you even cared when I update, lol, thanks a lot man! I got heaps more to come as well :)

    THanks Jeff I hope so too ;)

    Cool RX!

  9. Anonymous2:19 AM

    Beautiful pictures here Rodrigo, I like your imagination and the painting about "relationship between humans and technology and the possible fusion between spiritual transcendence and the technium", this is a cool idea. Not so much a fan of Terrence Mckenna though.
    And congrats on Nucleus show.

  10. Thanks DevDawg

    Thanks heix. Yeah that idea is from Kevin Kelly and I thought it was interesting, but I am not 100% committed to that these days, feel like I need more time before I can get my head around it all.
    Mckenna is brilliant, I think his core ideas about culture being separate from 'who' you are, being genuine and true to yourself etc. are timeless. He does get pretty kooky at times, but he's never too attached to any of these ideas, and would probably despise the idea of anyone taking him too seriously or whatever. :D

  11. Really?? Oh man, totally... you've become one of my faves... That's a hell of a show for the Nucleus Gallery. I'll have to try and go down there to check it out

  12. Congrats man...such sick work!!

  13. Inspiring!!! Congrats! :D

  14. awesome stuff, rod. Good luck and all the best with everything! :D

    you sick sick talented man..

  15. Rodrigo,

    Thank you for making the cover art on my novel so freakin' amazing. You really did a great job.

    My thanks.