Wednesday, September 01, 2010


A3 drawing ive done, might work on it a bit more...i hate what the scanner does to drawings, they really need to be seen in real life it looks better i swear :(
also included in the prelim in case anyone's interested.
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  1. Very cool man! I love the central 'flowerhead' figure. Great dynamic pose, without being comic-booky ( I will get hate for saying that) . Is this for the upcoming show ? Glad to hear so many great things coming your way :)

  2. Thanks scotooo! much appreciated- I'm not too sure what it's for yet- definitely a show, but I don't know which one at the moment. hopefully i can make the most of these opportunities, its a tough but fun road :)

  3. Awesome! I love the dark haired girl! Great job Rod! :D

  4. Man, you are kicking ass these days Rodrigo :)

  5. Totally agree with that! You're about the only artist that makes me want to be a better artist (for no other reason) ... cos its fun