Friday, August 20, 2010

dream vortex


Sorry I've been slack with keeping this thing updated. been drawing, painting and studying!

First up is a little drawing i just finished.

This A2 size drawing was a failure. However, I managed to learn so much from it that I'm happy I pushed through it, although it's unfinished still. *burns drawing*

 I was kinda happy with this part though.

Couple a sb pagez

Sneak peek at a painting WIP...early days...


  1. Slick update man - good to see what you've been up to :)

  2. It's so beautiful, i love the way you draw psychedelic stuff that doesn't look cheezy. I love it all! :D

  3. Very cool updates! reminds me I need to sketch more :)

  4. Nice one, how long did this WIP take you to get to this stage?

  5. Scotto: Thanks man, hopefully we can see a post from you soon too!It's been a while- it must be all that green tea you are drinking you crazy man haha kidding :)

    Clo: Thanks so much let me know if it ever does smell of cheese, drawing this stuff is tricky :D

    ryan: thanks man!

    Kan: Thanks a lot man, it took about a week- a bit onger than it should have because initially it was meant to be acrylic/colour pencil then i didnt like it so i painted over it in oils :P