Thursday, July 15, 2010

Menzel Book Scan

A few years ago I scanned some of Adolph Menzel's Drawings from a book or something. If you don't know his work, consider it a nice introduction. His drawings are a wealth of information, conveying so much character and life, often portrayed in stunning shorthand and brevity, using every part of the pencil/crayon/charcoal to tell the story.

 A recommended book is "Adolph Menzel 1815-1905 Between Romanticism and Impressionism."

Download Scanned Images (32 files, 130 mb)

Some photos of Adolph "The Little Man That Could" Menzel.

Jus Chillin' in the shade yall
 "Where the Magick Happenz"

 "Menzel = Dead, 1905. Menzel's art = Never diez"

Some of the scans ( I didn't edit them in anyway, but they probably need a bit of cleaning up).


  1. Anonymous12:57 AM

    thank you for these!!
    love your work too but never commented before. :) cheers

  2. Dope! Menzel is one of my favorite draftsmen