Saturday, July 17, 2010

floating on cosmic goo

just a little sketch i did in the ol' moleskine.
have had a lot of trouble getting drawing and work finishd lately, so i guess this one mirrors in a way how i feel a bit, hehe! it was about maybe 2 hours or so of work i dunno.


  1. I love the melancholic feel of this one. Beautiful!
    Thanks again for the paintings!!!!

  2. beautiful job sir..I love how you handled the hair

  3. My gosh your work is beautiful!
    following along for sure!

  4. That's gorgeous <3

    It's not about "finishing" something. It's about getting a feeling across. You did it :)

  5. Very cool. Was this done in charcoal?

    I always hesitate to use smearable materials in my sketchbook. I hate the mess (and the fact that the drawings are so fragile afterwards) but I really want to find something that I can shade beautifully with and is permanent. Do you have any suggestions?