Monday, June 14, 2010

Picture Kitchen Exhibition + Moleskinez

Hey would like to thank everyone who took the effort to visit our art show in the past week, I love you all!
I would encourage anyone in the sydney area to check it out- it's only up until saturday and will be at the Tap gallery from 12-6 daily. Just turn left off Oxford st (going away from CBD) and go down Palmer St a block.

I sold a couple of works so I broke even, which is great, because I got a whole bunch of art framed and had the opportunity to share it with you all for free :)

Some photos from the show

Top photo invludes some teachers from Ashtons! 2nd photo is of Concept Artist Evan Shiphard chillin' and the last is of Prudence the Mannequin Harlet saluting us from her chair of glory.

Some moleskine stuff- more coming soon.

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  1. Congrats, man! Sorry I couldn't make it to the exhibition opening.. :( Your artworks are looking fabs! the girl drawings are stunning!!

    and thanks for visiting my blog too :D