Thursday, May 13, 2010

More Odds and Ends!

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one of the artists that really got me inspired at improving my drawing, Wes Burt Interview

Fantastic Art Blog

What I learnt this week from my mistakes:'

-Don't Start the final drawing until you've solved every problem in the studies, including how the 4 major tones relate to each other and where they are.

-Try to keep major light and major darks connected together for unity, so it doesn't look patchy

-I really need to dedicate an hour a day just to focus on working up my weaknesses.

_Write them down when I think of them, cause I've forgotten the other ideas!!!

More coming soon, not trying to dump too much at once these days. I finished that mermaid commission, but not posting it hehe ;) gotta send it to client tomorrow first.
This is one I've been working on and off, just a variation to the other one for shits and giggles.

Some Photos I took in Europe, can anyone guess the city? hehehe

I really want to save up and get an SLR camera and learn photography, would be a lot of fun.

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  1. The second photo looks like Nîmes, in France... :P