Wednesday, January 27, 2010


This one is just an experimental combination of a few different styles. I have learnt a lot and feel confident in taking the themes and technique further with the next one. It was about 2 days work, about 30 by 50 cm.

The principle theme is the relationship between humans and technology and the possible fusion between spiritual transcendence and the “technium.” It is inspired by the writings of Kevin Kelly, Mark Pesce, Terrence Mckenna and many others. I particularly like the plant metaphor for technology (broad term: includes language, culture, etc.) as it describes quite nicely the synergistic relationship between us and what we create (and what we try to control, etc.).
Of particular interest as well is information theory and how this is shaping our world view and our humanity.

I will probably think about what needs to be fixed and come back to it in the next couple of days to fix up and refine things, although I am super excited to start a new one, going to explore people fusing into machine driven pulsating trees and maybe use car engines or refineries but fuse them with organic shapes and patterns or something.

PS I really need to get a new scanner!! any suggestions y'all? cheers

Some progress shots:

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