Friday, July 10, 2009

New Paintings (For sale! )

EMAIL for prices

THANKS for looking!
All paintings are Oil on Canvas
70 x 50 cm Homeless woman feeding birds in Hyde Park, Sydney

Oil Single Session Sketch ( homeless man in hyde park)


Homeless man in hyde park

Schizophrenic homeless man buying chips in Town Hall Woolies

Pitt St busker parts 1 and 2

Sketchbook Pages


  1. Hello there!I found your blog while searching for drawing tutorials.I went to a workshop in the weekend and found out that I know nothing about drawing!!I want to improve.
    well, I saw your painting of the park and the woman and the pigeons and I loved it.All your work is so good.You paint commom people and it's so interesting.I am going to see more...
    Best regards!

  2. I am so sorry I am not rich!!:))I would buy your art!:))

    All the best!

    ( Can I post your painting on my blog?)