Monday, October 19, 2009

new sketch


  1. wow Are you gonna leave it sketch form? Not sure if you remember me, I ran into you briefly at Julian Ashton. It's sooo great to see your art maintain this real top, top level and then some. Hope to catch you up in Sydney soon!

  2. Yeah, i like your definition of a sketch Rod! :) Awesome stuff.

  3. lol thanks guys!!
    Nori, how are you going these days what are you up to?
    PJ hows tafe going? nearly finished? getting close to the end of the year :(
    i'm not sure if i will, but i would like to in the future make into a massive oil painting!! haha!

  4. wow, i really like it, and hope to see more art works of you, add me like ur fan.plz ^_^